Saturday, May 14, 2011

Everyday Minerals Haul/Review

I placed an order with one of my favorite cosmetic company's Everyday Minerals. I LOVE EVERYDAY MINERALS ! They're a online mineral cosmetic company. I order from this company once a year because i can't live without their mineral foundation in "TAN". BTW I have a review on that foundation coming soon.

I ordered their new Imagination Kit, This kit includes:
4 eyeshadows, 1 blush & 1 lipstick
The second blush was free & the foundation wasn't included in the kit


Floating Feathers Eye Shadow: A frosty white hue with flecks of sparkle

Lip Lock Eye Shadow: A kiss puts my mind in a tranquil abyss like a stratosphere of soft pink clouds.

Prettier in Pink Eye Shadow: Pink petals have never been so prettier in pink than this blooming rosette.

Samba Lessons Eye Shadow: Like intrically carved dark brown tree bark soaring into a sky of diamonds.

SoCo Blush: Unabashedly feminine with petal pink hues, cool and bright. (Forgot to swatch the blush]

Enough Talk, Kiss Me Lippie: Delicately soft natural coral shade with hints of pink undertones, a mysterious shade indeed.

Slender Bamboo Drawstring Bag

PRICE: $18.00


Enough Talk Kiss Me Lippie, Prettier In Pink, Samba Lessons, Floating Feathers, Lip Lock Eye Shadow

Have You Ever Tried Everyday Minerals?


JessicaBeautician said...

Wow those swatches are amazing! So pigmented! I love this little set, it's so sweet and really affordable! Thanks for sharing! x


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